Our Vision

Evelyn Grace was co-founded by Emma Devenny.

She brings with her a wealth of specialist experience in caring for older people, both in hospital and community settings.

She is qualified to Masters level, achieving an MSc in Advanced Nursing Practice (Older People).

Her passion and dedication to caring for older people laid the foundations for Evelyn Grace.

Our vision is to change the way that older people are cared for.

Why we are different

We will We won’t
Turn up on time Arrive too early or several hours late, or even forget about you!
Allocate the right carer for you Send you a carer you don’t feel comfortable with, or have difficulty communicating with
Provide continuity of care Send different carers every visit
Stay with you for the time you have requested (and are paying for!!) Cut short your visits because we are in a rush to leave
Give you our full, uninterrupted attention at all times Send you someone who is more interested in their mobile phone than you! (We have seen this happen!)
Keep accurate, up-to-date individualised plans of care specific to you We won’t send you a carer who is unaware of your care needs
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